Within the Walls: Heritage Values and the Historic City

A Collaborative PhD project in the Historic City of York, UK

Personal Profile K.F

Katrina Foxton holds a MA degree in Cultural Heritage Management from the University of York (2013), and a BA degree in English Literature, University of Exeter (2010). Her academic research background is interdisciplinary, but assembles mainly around questions of the discursive representation of culture and the impact of the material on humans; epistemological and ontological arguments are therefore considered with equal weight. Her past research includes analysing the phenomenological effect of material and visual artefacts on people—in particular, Victorian postcards—and also in the same vein, the effects of digitised historical photographs online. Her previous studies in literature come to fore when discussing the impact of communication and dialogue of meanings in heritage management.

Katrina’s working background involves free-lancing for the cultural mobile-app company specialising in heritage sites, volunteering as an Oral History Researcher, working as part of the Visualisation team at Catalhoyuk in August 2013 and she has also been employed in various catering/customer-facing roles. Her interests in this project stem from a wish to work with the community and to understand the functional leap between heritage in practice and in theory. She is eager to begin conceptualising creative methods of participation within heritage management as part of the Within the Walls Team.


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