Within the Walls: Heritage Values and the Historic City

A Collaborative PhD project in the Historic City of York, UK

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Final event at Kings Manor today: Come Play with the Past!

Good Morning!

Just a quick post to say, we’ll be in the Huntingdon room from 2-4pm TODAY with the York Tactile Mapping team, key historic model-buildings of York ready for a brush with the present, AND a digital heritage exhibition via Pinterest. Open freely to the public, as part of the Being Human Festival.

For those who may not know Kings Manor is HERE, and it is easily reachable by bus. Best place to park is down Marygate. If you have any queries please contact the porters at Kings Manor on 01904 433995 or email us directly on wtwyork@gmail.com.

Also, for those who have already attended the events this week, many many thanks, we hope you have enjoyed the week as much as we have. It would be fab if you can let us know what you thought via the Being Human survey:


Best wishes,

The Within the Wall Team

(aka Kat, Ed and Victoria)


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Watch this Space!!!


Welcome to the Within the Walls blog pages, a space where the WTW team can post their thoughts and ideas (as individuals and as a team) as they progress through their research on the heritage of York. This site is a ‘window-frame’ into the research side of the project but there is also room for guest bloggers, photo-essays, fictional fancies, reflexive accounts and related filmed events. The team hopes the experience of blogging will help them to tease out and apply a critical eye to some of the issues they come across, in a creative and engaged manner. Comments and interactions from the rest of the digital community are most welcome.

General Aims:

The WTW team will be engaging critically with their role amidst wider academic discussion; for example, subsequent blogs will reflect on the meaning of project’s title, on personal research experiences and methodological issues that surface during project work. The team will also be keeping pace with practicalities of heritage management, and will be working closely with, or indeed as, locally based heritage practitioners. The project is purposely situated between the academic theory and heritage practice, and throughout their studies the team hope to reveal interesting perspectives and potential tensions in order to contribute to current discussions in the heritage management field.

They are currently at the early stages of research so please ‘watch this space’ for further blogs and familiarise yourself with the menu bars above for more details about the Within the Walls Project.